March Window Display




As some of you may already know, I do the window displays at Charlotte’s every month! This is a new series where I’m going to show you what goes into a pretty big aspect of my job here! I get my inspiration from multiple sources on social media. Pinterest is probably the biggest one, some Instagram accounts as well. Once I pick my design, it’s time to price everything out and go shopping for what I need to execute the project. This month I happened to find everything at Michael’s. I sometimes have to go to multiple places to find everything I need. Here’s what I picked up:


From Michaels, I grabbed 4 different greenery garland pieces, some assorted clothespin sizes and some twine!

Final Product

I cut long strings of twine and pinned them to the wall. Next I cut up all the garland I got into single pieces to hang. Finally I opened the clothespins and hung everything up at random for a greenery back drop!

We all love the way it turned out. Come back next month to see the next display!

– xo, Molly, Charlotte’s Bridal