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As you begin your engagement, you may have over a million things flowing through your head! Venue, flowers, photography, invites, and so much more. You might also want to give your guests a heads up on the day you plan to say, “I do”.

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Save the Date are an adorable and authentic way to make sure your guests feel included before your official invites make it to their mailbox! We combined some of our knowledge as well as helpful information from a much beloved local artist, BP Creationery, to give you some great ideas to start thinking about what you’re looking for in a Save the Date.

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“How do I pick the ‘vibe’ for my Save The Date?”

Whether your wedding is modern, eclectic, boho, or rustic, there are tons of ways to portray the atmosphere that best fits your vibe. How do you choose?! After all, this is getting sent to your much-loved friends and family all over the state, country, or even the world. Words of advice from us: INSPO, INSPO, INSPO! Here at Charlotte’s, we love tools like Pinterest and Instagram. These will lead you to online content creation websites or local vendors who have an eye for design. We spoke with a local vender. BP Creationery, which is located in the La Crosse area said, “Save the dates is your first stationery piece. Once you have your venue booked and vibe picked for your wedding it’s good to start looking at ideas you like.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! BP Creationery also gave us some insight on what’s popular right now. She said, “Lately popular designs are minimalistic and boho. With minimalistic you’d be surprised with how many options you really have, and they are timeless! Boho is unique and trendy.”

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Fun Blog Fact:

We asked BP what she is seeing lately with customers and save the dates. Here’s what she wrote!

“Materials to use for Save The Dates are endless! Cardstock is the most popular, some like to add ribbon or twine to really tie in their look. Vellum paper is becoming popular and it’s really pretty! Unique and fun alternatives from cardstock are magnets, acrylic and koozies. I mostly work with cardstock, but I love when customers come to me with out of the box ideas!”

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“What should I expect to spend on printed products like my Save The Dates?”

Websites like Etsy, Minted, Simply to Impress, and Canva have customizable templates you can use to display your wedding day announcement. They’re premade templates are great, but DIY brides will love the ability to create their own! There is a template for every occasion and aesthetic, which makes wedding planning so easy in a time when your to-do list is never ending. On the other side of things, if you’re a bride who likes to kick back, relax, and watch the magic happen, local venders love to do the creating for you! BP Creationary gave us some insight to this question as well and said, “The average cost that I’ve seen for Save The Dates is anywhere between $150-$350. There are many factors that come into play with the price, like how many copies you need, whether you want colored envelopes or just white, and whether you want your address printed on the envelopes.”

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“When should I send my Save The Dates?”

Depending on the length of the engagement, the location, or if you plan to celebrate during the week, the sooner the better. A good rule of thumb would be to send them anywhere from 6-12 months before your wedding date. Ultimately, send your Save The Dates when you and your partner are ready! A tip from our beloved vender of choice for this featured blog says, “When thinking about when to send out Save The Dates I typically recommend 10-12 months before the wedding day. If you have a lot of out-of-town guests that will need to make travel arrangements (flights or hotels) knowing a year in advance some of those main details is nice.” With this being said, always remember to follow through with what you believe will best accommodate you and your guests!

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We hope this helped you gain some clarity on a topic of wedding planning that isn’t usually mentioned!

Here at Charlotte’s Bridal, we love our brides, which is why we provide them and all of you with suggestions. We adore helping with topics revolving around useful tips and tricks as you venture through the wedding planning process. Remember, Save the Dates are where you get to express the ambiance of your wedding for the first time!

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